Win Win Super Claims Partner with Super Claims Assist to help more disabled clients!

Win Win Super Claims is committed to helping as many Australians as possible claim their Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance entitlements.

TPD insurance, contained in the majority of Australian superannuation policies, provides vital financial relief for individuals who are forced out of the workforce due to injury, illness, or mental health diagnosis.

At Win Win Super Claims, we recognize the importance of this support, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that Australians receive the payout they deserve.

Since our inception, the legal team at Win Win Super Claims has been working diligently to assist clients in claiming their maximum TPD payout.

We begin by contacting your superannuation funds to find out exactly what insurance cover you had on the date you last worked.

Using our expert knowledge of policies and procedures, we then lodge your claim with the insurer, present necessary arguments and evidence as to why you are eligible for the payout and most importantly, we fight on your behalf.

Unfortunately, too many Australians have missed out on the TPD insurance that they paid for while they worked. That’s why Win Win Super Claims has taken a stand in this crucial matter, working tirelessly to ensure that those who are entitled to this support do not go without.

To reach our goal of helping as many deserving out of work Aussie’s as possible, the partners at Win Win Super Claims decided to expand further and create Super Claims Assist.

As specialists in investigating TPD insurance entitlements, the leadership team at Win Win Super Claims split of resources to create Super Claims Assist to ensure the maximum number of disabled Australians were helped. Since taking this action and creating Super Claims Assist in 2021, it has helped thousands of Australians understand their potential TPD claims and has been leading the way in informing and helping people learn about their entitlements.

This partnership furthers our goal of reaching as many Australians as possible, ensuring that no one misses out on the insurance money they rightly deserve.

Win Win Super Claims and Super Claims Assist are proud to have been partnered since 2021.

All tpd claims done by phone