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TPD Claims

Australians who can no longer work in the jobs for which they qualified (based on education, training and experience) may be entitled to make TPD claims.  This is a lump sum insurance claim from your superfund. In addition, you will be able to access your superfund monies early, if needed. 

Also, you may also be eligible for income protection insurance.  This is insurance which might pay you 75% of your regular wages for two years.  Sometimes it is payable until you are 67 years of age.

If you are having difficulty accessing insurance from your superfund or if you had your claim rejected, contact us now.  There is no guarantee that you will have insurance cover but 90% do!  Please let us help you.  All our work is done on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so there is no risk to you. 

All tpd claims done by phone